“Tacchan” who is too obedient is “full of good character” Fans who worry about Los Angeles remain “lonely” | Full Account

Many voices sympathize with Noot Bar’s appearance watching Shohei Otani’s award ceremony

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) moved to the United States, and the Japanese national team “SAMURAI JAPAN”, which won the semi-final against Italy, also moved to Miami, Florida. An increasing number of fans are worried about the “loss” of outfielder Lars Nootvar (Cardinals), who has excited all over Japan with his offensive and defensive performances. It’s crowded,” and “Nootvar is valuable, extremely valuable.”

What attracts attention is the scene where pitcher Shohei Otani (Angels) receives the MVP award for the first round of pool B after the semi-final against Italy. Here, Nutvar wears his gloves under his arm and approves with a wide smile.

The fans said, “He was very good at the moment … a nutty boy with twinkling eyes” and “Tacchan is adorable”. In addition, there were many comments such as “It’s sad that I’m leaving Japan” and “I think I’m going to fall into Tacchan’s loss”.

[Golygfa wirioneddol]Nuotbar honors Shohei Otani, who is “full of good character”

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