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Cook-Out remains quiet about his potential participation in College Road restaurant – and there is confusion over the internet.

A paper track shows that a North Carolina company, Cook-Out, is behind a new taco shop in Wilmington, but the company claims that it is "in the middle of the media" on the details of its participation.

This means that the conspiracy theories will continue with their past, and their future.

Search the internet for tips on Taco Roo, which appeared last month at 429 College Road, and Reddit strands of Wilmington foodies will be asking everyone else – what is Taco Roo on earth?

On these Reddit strands, and also on some Facebook posts, the locals were speculating what would go in the post of Hardee. Initially, a wave of speech started about a “roof-in” insert which could be there, when a business document was showing Cook-Out as the owner of the property.

In May, Cook-Out College Road Inc. estimated business name certificate for the business name taken Taco Roo, listed as a breakfast restaurant and a Mexican fast food restaurant. President Cook-Out signed Jeremy Reaves the document, filed in New Hanover County. Then, September 23, Reaves added a new document, withdrawing the presumed name from Cook-Out. The same day, he turned into another business name certificate, filing the name Taco Roo about a new company, Roo's Diner Inc.

A corporate official at Cook-Out who deals with media relations said the company is in the middle of a "blackout media" on Taco Roo's subject, and said he could not "confirm or reject anything."

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The projected name file was filed in New Hanover County, but it noted that the name would be used, "in each of the 100 counties across the state," which Cook could make sense of. -Out to put more locations Taco Roo elsewhere.

In September there was a sign for “Taco Roos” outside the business, as well as a countdown to the opening date. As of 23 October, there are no official websites or social media accounts for the restaurant. The signal gives a single hint at present: the tag, "tacos and chicken."

Would you like to call? There is a phone number in Google for Taco Roo. But this number belongs to an UNCW student whose friend pranked on him.

"My friend thought it would be funny because nobody knows what Taco Roo is," he said. "So he added my number to him."

Jacob Lamonsoff said he had received at least 100 calls last week. Most are trying to find out if Taco Roo is still open and can order. Others are looking for a job interview, and left a few restaurant supply catalogs to number, if nothing needed it when Taco Roo opens.

After numerous calls, Lamonsoff said the restaurant was also a mystery – he had received no further information in all his conversations.

"It seems very much that I had this number and I didn't get any one call or text from the real owners saying 'Hey, we have this new restaurant and people are calling you about it, " Lamonsoff said. "You'd think someone would get out of this point."

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