Taemin, who enlisted in the active duty service, transferred to a supplementary service… “Picture and depression worsened”

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After serving in the military band as a social service worker

SHINee member Taemin, who has served in the military band. Provided by the Military Manpower Administration

SHINee member Taemin (29), who enlisted in the active duty service in May last year, was transferred to the supplementary service on the 14th.

On the same day, SM Entertainment, the management company, said, “Taemin has been receiving treatment and counseling while serving in the military due to symptoms of depression and panic disorder that he has suffered from before. He was transferred to a supplementary service in accordance with the measures taken.” Taemin, who served in the military band of the Ministry of National Defense, will continue his military service as a social worker in the future.

Yang Seung-jun reporter

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