Home Entertainment Taew is not careless, even though he doesn’t get addicted, but he wants to practice living like a covid

Taew is not careless, even though he doesn’t get addicted, but he wants to practice living like a covid

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Taew is not careless, even though he doesn’t get addicted, but he wants to practice living like a covid

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after Taew Nataporn Temeirak announced via personal IG that infected with covid-19 along with the timeline And later, Taew posted again. Clarified that the infection was repeated with the second hospital. which resulted that no infection was found

live news online asked the female protagonist to such an event and asked how he felt

Back when I found the germs that day, how shocked were you and how did you prepare? “Very shocked, as I said, I didn’t expect to be infected. It’s to check for safety. because we didn’t risk it anywhere. I admit that I have tremors. How to prepare, pack your bags because I think I have to add Until he calmed down, he gradually studied the information that We haven’t had any symptoms. and can ho isolate So I choose to do home isolation.”

When told that it was infected, netizens came to blame. And very encouraging as well. Many people say that they are not fully detained. Want to clarify this? “When being blamed He may not read all the information. and may include from what Taew made the mistake of not being able to quarantine at the cafe But that case is over. Sorry, the person who forgives probably won’t comment. But the person who still cares about his mistake, he put it together.

for those who support Even if it was a short message saying fight, it was a huge help for us at the time who believed we were facing an infection. Incomplete detention That part was an error, sorry. But did not come out to clarify anything further. Because we have more serious matters than we have to think about.”

Decided to treat at home to reduce bed-finding as well? “Yes, because I feel that now the doctors, nurses who are taking care of people who are sick with COVID Now he’s loaded with a lot of work. From the news I saw So I feel that if we have a choice that we can do home isolation. I’d rather do that. and worried about your mother

because the mother’s results were not yet out at that time. and think we can monitor and be disciplined enough to measure temperature You can take any medication that is prescribed by your doctor. So I choose to home isolate better.”

How to prepare for treatment at home? “It’s easy. have a thermometer with oxygen meter If there is also a pressure gauge, that would be great. Because of the difference in being in the hands of a doctor at the hospital which is now very rare As far as I know is to stay in a shared bed or the hospital he couldn’t have an X-ray of his lungs.

If we have an oxygen flu, it’s like checking whether the infection has gone into the lungs or not. That’s about it Then try to find warm water to drink, take herbal medicines, Andrographis paniculata and separate rooms in separate zones. Do not share anything with anyone. Just stay in the room alone.”

Are you satisfied with the re-examination immediately? And wondering where did you go wrong? “It was caused by the fact that before the admin The officer took his history. And we can’t tell him that Are we interested? Who will be infected at what time, we can not tell. And with no symptoms, so I think that one more test should not be damaged. because I don’t know how many times I have checked So we decided to double check with the officer he told me.”

When the result came out that it doesn’t stick, you feel more comfortable? “It’s a lot more comfortable. admit that if we have to live with it for another 14 days or almost a month Because we don’t know if we have enough immunity to kill the infection or not. How will our lungs be damaged? I can cut off my worries there for about one.

But we also feel that the germ develops and mutates. There is a chance to get more stuck at any moment. because we have to order food Any parcel can be infected at any time. Even wearing a mask is not a guarantee that it will be safe from infection. Our own hands may be picking and scratching at some point.

which we do not know when to get the infection Even if this case is over But it may be positive in the future. It’s not over yet. I have to be more careful. This time, I tried to find an answer for myself as to what happened. Still not 100% satisfied with that. But I was relieved especially that my mother didn’t get stuck.”

The doctor agreed that not counted as infected Explain to me? “Because the second hospital Check that the infection is not found and have to check again at the same lab the same way reliable And the more confirmation from the same hospital that he went to fix the process that is likely to go wrong.

Which way to wait for him to come out to clarify that we took the infection to check again and the result came out in the same way that no infection was found So I think it’s probably a negative. which we did not stop there Taew is waiting for the time to do the PCR test again in the middle of next week. to confirm And together with the second hospital confirmed that we did not find the infection.

He took the infection to check with the Department of Medical Sciences one more time. We have to wait and see what the results are, but at this moment, the results and the doctor’s readings are quite confident. I’m pretty sure it’s not quite that we’re not infected.

Fixed statistics on survival from infection? “Actually, I feel like I don’t want to be careless. I don’t want to think that I’m not infected. Until today, if we set ourselves as infected first. We, too, will not live recklessly. And it’s a good result that we won’t get infected from other people as well. So we assumed ourselves that we might be infected. Because we care about your mother first. I didn’t feel that relieved. Because we are still in this crisis situation with everyone.

The situation now has a lot of people infected. What do you think? “But hopefully there will be a miracle that something will make the inspection easily accessible first. Because Taew thinks that there are many people who think that they are at risk of getting infected. and still unable to access the inspection

This was the first thing that caused the infection to increase. because we cannot distinguish who is addicted to thinking People who feel addicted are still unable to confirm. This is considered to be urgently corrected here. Including the vaccine, hopefully it will be accessible and fixed soon.”

Many people want celebrities to be the voice of the government’s campaign. To be more active to reduce the number of patients? “Taewwa everyone acts according to their abilities. according to the skills you have One more thing, Taew wants each of them to try to act to help each other. because everyone has a part in society. No matter what the government or public health He had to deal with many problems as well. Taew felt that he was trying to find information.

If anyone thinks that they are addicted and able to home isolate have the potential to do would like to help each other in every aspect And if someone who is not stuck and has the strength and power, they reach out their hands to help each other. It should be more or less lightening the burden of society.”

There are still many people who disobey. also hosting a party In the current situation? “Taew, what can help? I want it to be viewed as a matter of the general public rather than now. matter of social responsibility Anything that has been missed, even Taew himself. Having a behavior that goes out in public even if it hasn’t completed 14 days of quarantine. Understand that we may be confident.

But it adds to the concern for those who know and see it in different places. As you can see, the little actions really make a big impact. What do you want to think about? or think about yourself parents at home People around and society in general, whether we will increase the burden on him or not.”

Give encouragement to someone who is struggling in the current situation? “Hopefully it goes well. Taew germs that now Taew has been practicing. Stepped on one leg and said he was a covid addict. It’s still with it, even if it doesn’t have as severe symptoms as the person who is. But Taew believes that it affects the body and mind. Even more, the situation now does not allow everything to be resolved in a timely manner.

Taew would like to cheer everyone up very much. What can help Thanks to everyone who tried to help each other. No matter what donation, I want everyone to stay with the facts and follow the news. take care of yourself at home or home isolation One person saves many lives. We help each other and believe that it will pass well soon. Let’s fight. I’m rooting for you.”

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