Taew Nataphon is preparing to debut, launching the first single in his life. as a full-time solo artist

I would like to be a newcomer in the music industry with the launch of the highly skilled heroine, Taew Nathaphon Temeirak of Channel 3, shake off a variety of theatrical performances, jumping into the music industry. Let’s challenge to prove another ability with full dedication in the name of “TAEW” with the song “BABYBOO”, which is the first single in my life as a full-time solo artist.

behind the scenes of this song A well-known producer who is well known in the music industry was approached to make this project. Along with adjusting the look from the mother heroine to be a singer artist as intended Guarantee the quality of songs and music that will catch your ears and sing along. It can be said that you will definitely meet “TAEW” in a typical non-acting heroine.


Start releasing songs that come from the intention and dedication of long-term work in the industry of the actor named Taew Nataporn Temeruk on the following date and time: on January 17, 2022, the producer debuted. With pictures of the atmosphere of the first single song, on January 18, 2022, the first video teaser was released, on January 19, 2022, meet the most beautiful still images, and on January 21, 2022 began to watch and listen to the work. Full songs and music videos at 10:00 am on all social media streaming platforms including YouTube Ch3Thailand Music and CH3Plus simultaneously across the country.


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