Taew Nataporn released a picture of the Furby gang Eye-catching captions are very suitable for young women.

Beautiful, cute, good at the position of the heroine of the whole gang, really forFurby gang that includes “Taew Nathaphon, Mew Nittha, Matt Peeranee, Toey Jarinporn and Mint Chalida” They often set out on sea trips. Traveling to other provinces, eating food andNow they just had an appointment to eat together with each other’s sweethearts. Except for the toey girl who goes alone Made friends and fans very fond of.

latest Taew girl also posted an overview of the Furby gang on Instagram. @taewaew_natapohn Each photo, even if it’s blurry and accidentally slipped, but still can’t do anything to them. Aura of beauty shines But most notably, the most suitable caption for girls is “Go!!! Let’s jump on a tire under the building this afternoon?” Make friends and fans like it a lot.

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