Subscription Evening (12/20): Abolition of purchase limit at duty-free shops Freezing of electricity rates… what will be different next year

News summary on the way home from work, Subsletter Evening. the government has announced Although there are many and complicated contents, I have selected only the contents that will be helpful to the low-income households. Duty-free shop purchase limit disappears Taking an international flight is exciting in itself. There are moments when I feel good […]

Card cashback up to 100,000 won per month Apply from today, regardless of birth

Anyone can apply for the credit card cashback (win-win consumption subsidy) system, which returns 10% of the increased credit card usage in cash, regardless of the year of birth. Card Cash Back is a system that refunds 10% of excess amount as cash back (cash equivalent) when monthly card usage increases by 3% or more […]