‘10.29 Disaster’ bereaved family “President Yoon ignores the request of the bereaved family… An official apology must be made”

159 times for the victims of the disaster The ‘10.29 Itaewon Disaster Families Association’ urged the president to apologize, saying that President Yoon Seok-yeol is ignoring the demands of the bereaved family. The bereaved family council held a press conference at the citizens’ memorial service at Noksapyeong Station today, the second day of the intensive […]

10/29 Disaster Bereavement Family Council, first joint ceremony for Lunar New Year… Sewol Ferry Families host 9th Lunar New Year Ceremony

[사진 제공 : 연합뉴스] Today, the first national holiday since the October 29 disaster, civil society groups and organizations of the bereaved families held a joint memorial service. The Itaewon Tragedy Citizens’ Countermeasures Meeting held a joint memorial service in front of the portraits of the victims at 3:00 pm today, along with 80 bereaved […]

Minister of Public Administration and Security, who visited the incense burner unannounced… The bereaved family’s objection to “sympathy for the thief”

◀ Anchor ▶ Today, the day before Lunar New Year’s Day, Minister of Public Administration and Security Sang-min Lee visited the incense burner of the 10.29 massacre citizen without warning. At the time, only two members of the bereaved family were guarding the incense burner. The bereaved families protested strongly, saying that Minister Lee had […]

Prosecutor’s Office arrests and indicts Yongsan-gu principal Park Hee-young for ‘poor response to 10/29 disaster’

Second hearing of the Itaewon Disaster State Committee of Inquiry [자료사진] The prosecution, which is investigating allegations of poor response by police and administrative authorities to the October 29 disaster, has arrested and charged Yongsan-gu Mayor Park Hee-young. Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office arrested and charged Park District Mayor Hee-young and Yongsan-gu Head of Safety […]

“Did you save the country”?

◀ Anchor ▶ Ultimately, the motion to remove a People’s Power city council member, who caused controversy by making harsh comments toward bereaved families in the 10/29 disaster, was rejected. Instead, they passed a ’30 day suspension of attendance’, which equates to a month’s paid leave. This is reporter Jang Young. ◀ Report ▶ The […]

10/29 Disaster Disaster Politician Finally Expelled… “Effectively, paid vacation”

◀ Anchor ▶ Ultimately, the proposal was rejected for the people’s power city council member, who caused controversy by pouring out harsh words towards the grieving families of the 10.29 disaster. Instead, the people’s power city councilors passed the ’30 day attendance suspension’. As it turned out, it turned out to be nothing more than […]