After finishing the Hakone Road, Komadai’s Ren Tazawa and director Hiroaki Ohyagi walked for 4 years and where they are aiming Road to Hakone Ekiden 2023 (7) | JBpress signature

2023.01.25 Road to Hakone Ekiden 2023 Text by Masato Sakai January 3, 2023, the 99th Hakone Ekiden, Komadai athletes such as Ren Tazawa (back center), who are happy to have won the overall victory and threw coach Hiroaki Ohyagi. Ren Tazawa, The Last Hakone Road Perhaps the most surprising person at this year’s Hakone Ekiden […]

Garmin INSTINCT CROSSOVER launches full function hybrid smartwatch

What features does the Garmin Instinct Crossover have? Sleep efficiency score(Sleep score) Advanced sleep tracking (Advanced Sleep Monitoring) including health data collection features Health Monitoring which will help collect important health data such as the body’s energy levels (Body Battery). Measuring stress level (Stress Level) Heart Rate Fitness tracking features like VO2 Max, Pulse Ox2, […]

CES 2023: Intel announced a 65W version of the 13th generation Core, 11% higher single core performance and 34% more multi-core performance than the previous generation # Raptor Lake (187518)

Following the launch of the 13th generation Core and Z790 platforms of the overclocking K series in the second half of 2022, Intel announced the 13th generation Core product line of the mainstream 65W series at CES 2023; the 65W version of the 13th- Core generation still continues the characteristics of the Raptor Lake generation, […]

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit! Recommended for Hatsumode: 5 Shrines Related to “Rabbit” From Legendary Shrines to Wedding Matching Shrines and Shrines with Blessings for Good Health | Signature of JBpress

2023 is the year of the rabbit, the year of the rabbit. There are many rabbit-related shrines throughout Japan. Since rabbits are abundant, many shrines pray for marriage, safe birth, and good health. This time, we will introduce 5 rabbit shrines from all over Japan. Why not visit the rabbit shrine for hats in 2023? […]

MIDO launches limited edition Commander, a legendary luxury timepiece

Beauty worth waiting for! When “Mido” (MIDO), a leading Swiss watch brand affiliated with The Swatch Group Trading (Thailand) announces the launch of a limited edition luxury timepiece “Commander” (Commander), the last watch that collectors been waiting for it from the collection “Twenty Years Inspired By Architecture” (20Years Inspired By Architecture), which is a limited […]