Saemaul Geumgo in Yangsan district suffered damage due to the suspension of Dain Construction… “Not related”

Saemaeul Geumgo, located in Gachon-ri, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, is suffering from a misunderstanding that he is involved in stopping the construction work by Dain Construction, a construction company in Daegu. Moogeumsaemaeul Geumgo announced on the 5th that he was recently involved in the conflict between Dine Construction’s ‘Royal Palace’ water supply loan as a lender […]

Get a 30,000 baht savings loan without a guarantor, this is exactly what it is.

Get a 30,000 baht savings loan without guarantor for working capital. Recently, the Government Savings Bank has given a clear answer. As information is shared in online media about the issue, Champlin’s page is the new Government Savings Bank page. The Anti-Fake News Center has investigated the facts with the Government Savings Bank. Ministry of […]

‘Loan-deposit’ open interest rate statistics of 10 commercial banks in 2023

after “Thai Bankers Association” came out announcing the end Measures to reduce contributions to the recovery and development fund of financial institutions (FIDF) December 28, the past. As a result, from the beginning of 2023, commercial banks must submit “contributions” to the FIF. Note the normal rate of 0.46% from the previous 2 years when […]

MONEY EXPO 2022 YEAR END BANGKOK, money spreads over 6.7 billion

The 5th Bangkok Money Expo MONEY EXPO 2022 ANNUAL END Bank-Nonbank-Insurance-Asset Management competes with special year-end promotions. Supporting transactions, offline and online, over 6,730 million baht, popular home loans over 2,740 million baht, entrepreneurs borrowing SME loans over 1,600 million baht, people buying life insurance / tax saving funds in the last curve with a […]

Interest rates went up over the past year… it will go up next year

Judamdae’s variable interest rate is close to entering 8%, with young people tightening their beltsBanks lower spread rates, but interest burden will increase next year [이미지출처=연합뉴스] japchae “As of today, interest alone has exceeded 2 million won per month. The end of the year is even more difficult. I have no choice but to tighten […]