Improving Sexual Function and Satisfaction in Gynecological Cancer Patients

Sexual Health Program Improves Sexual Desire, Satisfaction, and Orgasm in Gynecological Cancer Patients November 30, 2023 A specialized sexual health improvement program has been found to enhance sexual function and communication in women undergoing treatment for gynecological cancer. According to a study led by Professor Jang Soon-yang from Daegu University’s Department of Nursing, the program […]

Jang Seung-jo and Lina: A Love Story that Captivates Social Media

Jang Seung-jo and Lina Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary Actor Jang Seung-jo (41) and musical actress Lin-ah (39), former member of the group Cheon Sang Ji-hee, recently marked their 9th wedding anniversary. Expressing his gratitude, Jang Seung-jo took to social media to thank his wife Lina, acknowledging her positive impact on his life. The couple, often […]

Comedian Kim Mi-ryeo Expresses Frustration Over Husband’s Hygiene Habits

Comedian Kim Mi-ryeo Expresses Concerns over Husband’s Hygiene on ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ Published on October 31, 2023, 20:56 by Money Today Reporter Chae Tae-byeong Caption: Kim Mi-ryeo and Seong-yoon Jeong seek advice from Dr. Oh Eun-young on Channel A’s entertainment show. Entertainer Kim Mi-ryeo recently made some candid remarks about the hygiene habits […]

Man Discovers Wife’s Affair: A Story of Revenge, Grace, and Custody

Former Police Officer Helps Friend Expose Wife’s Affair Through Surveillance MbN’s entertainment show, ‘Unraveling Show Dongchimi’, recently featured the intriguing story of a man who discovered his wife’s infidelity and sought the help of his friend, Baek Ki-jong, a former police officer, to unveil the truth. The show shed light on the events surrounding the […]