Shaanxi Province Opens Museum Showcasing 4,000 Year-Old Shimao Culture

Shaanxi Province Opens Museum Showcasing 4,000-Year-Old Shimao Culture Xian, November 30 The province of Shaanxi in northwest China has unveiled a new museum dedicated to the ancient Shimao culture, which dates back 4,000 years. Located in Yulin City, the museum was officially opened to the public on Wednesday, November 29th. The Shimao Museum, sprawling over […]

Discover the First Chocolate Museum in Hong Kong: A Black Space in Causeway Bay Tells the History and Nutritional Value of Chocolate and Offers an Ultimate Chocolate Experience

Hong Kong Welcomes Its First-ever Chocolate Museum in Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – An exciting addition to the thriving culinary scene in Hong Kong, the first chocolate museum in the city has just opened its doors in Causeway Bay. Located on Pak Sha Road, Cocoa City CACAOLAB is a stylish black building that […]

After 16 years, Jennifer arrives to see her ‘heart’ in the museum…

Are there people who don’t like visiting museums? You will be surprised to see ancient and valuable objects of importance of art, literature and culture in museums. However, 38-year-old Jennifer Sutton visited the famous Hunterian Museum in London the other day and is now going viral on the internet. Because Jennifer went to the museum […]

Greece receives part of the Parthenon statue back from the Vatican : PPTVHD36

Greece held a ceremony to return the three Parthenon pieces from the Vatican at the Acropolis Museum in Athens yesterday (March 24) These 3 Parthenon marble statues feature horse heads. statue of a bearded man and statue of a boy’s head are in the past These pieces have been in the Vatican Museums for centuries […]