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Charmaine Sheh (Ah Sheh) returned to her mother’s TVB after almost 5 years of absence to film “News Queen” produced by Zhong Shujia. The series has already attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Currently, the production of the series has officially started. Recently, some netizens met Ah Sheh and He Yiting on the […]

Soyou lost -8kg in two months of dieting… low carb is the key [소셜iN]

Singer Soyou lost 8 kg in two months of dieting.On the 16th, through his personal YouTube channel ‘SOYOUGI Soyougi’, Soyou said, ‘I lost 8 kg in 2 months! 4 low carb diet tips posted by SoyouㅣLow carb, ketogenic, diet recommendation, exercise routine, summary of pros and cons with the title. Soyou said, “I planned to […]

Kim Yong-joon and Jang Young-an ice hockey coach ran on a date…Moon Se-yoon “I laughed more and it almost became a joke” (Groom class)

Jamanchu Kim Yong-joon’s location revealed.In Channel A’s ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class’, broadcast on the 15th, Youngran Jang planned a natural meeting for Yongjun Kim. On this day, Kim Yong-joon’s ‘built Cheongdam’ left Gangnam. When Kim Yong-joon crossed the Seongsu Bridge to go to the ‘Jamanchu’ place designed by Jang Young-ran, Lee Seung-cheol […]