Which Vegetables Nourish Bones? A Guide to Preventing Osteoporosis

Discover the Best Vegetables for Strong Bones: A Must-Read! Osteoporosis, a condition characterized by thin and brittle bones, poses a significant risk as we age. This ailment occurs when there is a decrease in bone mass, making the bones more prone to fractures. While menopausal women and individuals aged 65 and above are at higher […]

Link Between Constipation and Dementia: Importance of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Health Warning: Early Constipation Linked to Risk of Dementia A recent study has unveiled a concerning connection between constipation and the onset of dementia. Dr. Theerawat Hemachutha, Director of the Center for Emerging Disease Health Sciences at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University, sheds light on this crucial finding, emphasizing the need for a healthy lifestyle to […]

8 Fruits and Vegetables That Help Eliminate Bad Breath: Komchadluek Online

**Komchadluek** provides the latest news online. According to a recent article, there are 8 types of vegetables and fruits that not only have various health benefits but also help combat bad breath. So, what are these fruits and vegetables? Let’s delve into it. Bad breath is not only a confidence killer but also an issue […]

9 Vegetables for Beautiful and Radiant Skin: The Secret to a Healthy Complexion

Discover the Beauty Benefits of These 9 Skin-Nourishing Vegetables Vegetables are not only beneficial for your overall health but can also work wonders for your skin. Incorporating these veggies into your diet can result in beautiful, clear, and radiant skin. Cucumber Cucumbers contain a high water content, which helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin. […]

Efforts to Reduce the Reliance on Imported Drugs: The Potential of Herbal Medicines in Thailand

Thailand Aims to Reduce Dependency on Imported Drugs Parichart Klaewplodtook, a Sales Specialist at the Government Pharmaceutical Institute, emphasizes that Thailand heavily relies on imported drugs. Reducing the cost of imported drugs has become a crucial concern for pharmaceutical organizations, as both the people and the government bear the financial burden. As part of a […]