‘Knowing Bros’, who suffered from sluggish ratings… Finally made a bold decision

JTBC’s signature entertainment show ‘Knowing Bros’, which has recently been experiencing a severe slump in ratings, is changing the programming time again. The schedule has been changed from the 20th, and ‘Knowing Bros’ airs on Saturdays at 8:40 pm. ‘Knowing Bros’ member Kang Ho-dong / hereinafter JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ ‘Knowing Bros’ changed the broadcast time […]

Hwacheon Daeyu CEO “Kwon Soon-il and Park Young-soo were recruited as a close friend of the major shareholder… It has nothing to do with Lee Jae-myung”

[인터뷰-2] Why are you hiring high-ranking officials in the legal profession?Provision of reasonable wages according to practical advice“There are more advisors besides the ones mentioned”“If you want to lobby illegally, would you give me an official seat?”Major shareholder, I have no personal acquaintance with this branch “Please fact-check… It’s frustrating that I can’t show you […]

‘Knowing Bros’ Kim Jung-hwan and Kim Jun-ho and hat fencing → Relighting past appearances in ‘Maritel’ – Reporter Sang Hyeon-ho

A video of his past appearance on ‘My Little Television (Maritel)’ is being re-examined while fencing national team player Kim Jeong-hwan engaged in hat fencing with Kim Jun-ho. On the 21st, JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ posted on the official channel ‘[선공개] There is no concession Kim Jung-hwan vs Kim Jun-ho Who wins hat fencing?!’ uploaded the […]