Who is afraid of hash value checks? | DoolNews

DISCOURSE Who is intimidated by “hash value” tests? When you open a digital file, the hash value of that file never changes. If anyone says so, it’s stupid. Not only that but it is also misleading. If the ‘hash value’ of a digital proof (file) has changed, it is likely that one of the following […]

mallika-sukumaran-on-actress-attack-case | The Department of Justice needs to find out who is behind it; Actress Mallika Sukumaran has clarified her stance in the case of attacking the actress

photo: Actress Mallika Sukumaran has clarified her stance in the case of attacking the actress. Mallika Sukumaran said the judiciary was responsible for finding out who was behind the incident and why the child, who did not show any hatred or animosity towards anyone, was hurt so much. It doesn’t matter if there are […]

‘Sreejith and Baiju Paul are carrying out fake propaganda’: Dileep with complaint | Actress Attack Dileep Sreejith Baiju Paulose

Thiruvananthapuram: Dileep’s lawyer has lodged a complaint with the Home Secretary against the investigating officers in the case of attacking the actress. It is alleged that the crime branch ADGP S Sreejith and Baiju Paul are carrying out fake propaganda. Defendant’s attorney, Philip Varghese, filed the complaint. It is an attempt to misrepresent the office […]

Kavya to be questioned again by police; Finds crucial evidence, Kavya Madhavan, Dileep, Kavya Madhavan interrogation, Crime Branch, actress attack case, Malayalam News

Kochi: The crime branch has received information confirming director Bala Chandrakumar’s revelation that Dileep was in possession of the footage of the attack on the actress. The information was obtained from a hard disk seized from Lab Systems India Limited in Mumbai, which was sent to erase the information on the phones. The information came […]

Baiju Paul threatened to give false statement; Witness with complaint | Actress Attack case | dileep | kerala police | high court | baiju paulose | manoramanews | Breaking News

Another witness in the High Court has filed a complaint against Baiju Paul, the investigating officer in the case of assault on the actress. Witness Sagar Vincent said that Baiju Paul threatened to give a false statement. It is feared that Baiju Paul may be harassed in the name of further investigation. Baiju filed a […]