Statin Treatment for Hyperlipidemia Reduces Severe Asthma Exacerbations by 43%

Statins Reduce Risk of Asthma Exacerbations Research at Ajou University Hospital Yields Promising Results A recent study conducted by a team of researchers at Ajou University Hospital has found that statins, a primary treatment for hyperlipidemia, reduce the risk of severe asthma exacerbations by 43%. Hyperlipidemia is a condition characterized by high levels of fat […]

The Benefits of Statins for Asthma Patients: Research Results

Study Shows Statins Can Reduce Risk of Asthma Exacerbations A recent study has revealed that taking statins, a treatment for hyperlipidemia, can reduce the risk of asthma exacerbations. The study, conducted by a team of professors from Ajou University Hospital, followed 545 asthma patients who took statins continuously and 545 who did not over a […]

The Impact of Diabetes Clinic-Level Management on Complications and Mortality: Research by Professor Daejung Kim

Study Shows Effectiveness of Diabetes Management at Clinic-Level Medical Institutions By Yang Young-gu, Medical Observer Reporter Recent research has revealed the effectiveness of using clinic-level medical institutions designated as ‘good health institutions’ by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service to manage diabetes, a representative chronic disease. This study, led by Professor Daejung Kim of […]

Machine Learning Model Predicts Possibility of Recurrence after Double Chin Surgery

Model Developed to Predict Recurrence after Double Chin Surgery MEDICALUPJOURNAL, by Young-Goo Yang A ground-breaking model has been created to accurately predict the likelihood of recurrence after double chin surgery, according to a study recently published in the prestigious NATURE Scientific Reports. Titled “Prediction of sagittal jaw point relapse following double jaw surgery using machine […]

Study Shows Elderly People with Higher Digital Literacy Have Lower Depression Symptoms and Improved Cognitive Function

A recent study conducted by the research team at Ajou University Hospital has found that elderly individuals who frequently use electronic devices are less likely to experience symptoms of depression and display higher levels of cognitive function. The research team, comprised of Professor Noh Hyun-woong, research professors Hong Seon-hwa and Nam Yu-jin, and Gachon University […]

Identification of ‘HSP10’ Autoantibody: Potential for Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Urticaria

New Autoantibody ‘HSP10’ Identified in Chronic Urticaria—Potential for Prevention and Treatment A groundbreaking study conducted by Professor Ye Young-min and Research Professor Choi Bo-yoon at Ajou University Hospital has identified the presence of the autoantibody ‘HSP10’ in chronic urticaria for the first time. Chronic urticaria, characterized by persistent skin and mucous membrane swelling and itching, […]

Breakthrough Discovery: New Autoantigens and Autoantibodies Identified in Chronic Urticaria

New Discoveries in Chronic Urticaria Unveiled by Domestic Medical Staff Groundbreaking Study Reveals the Identification of Autoantibodies and Autoantigens In a groundbreaking breakthrough, domestic medical professionals have successfully identified new autoantigens and autoantibodies associated with chronic urticaria, shedding light on the previously unknown pathogenic mechanism of this condition. The study, titled “Detection of autoantibodies against […]

Study Finds Young Age and Extensive Hair Loss to be Poor Prognostic Factors in Alopecia Areata Treatment

Title: Study Reveals Poor Prognosis Factors for Alopecia Areata Treatment Ajou University Hospital research team identifies key factors influencing prognosis and treatment outcomes for alopecia areata Ajou University Hospital Announces Study Results: Younger Age and Extensive Hair Loss Impact Treatment Prognosis Ajou University Hospital has recently released the findings of a study conducted on the […]