Experience Total Relaxation at RAKU SPA Tsurumi: A Unique Escape Along the Tsurumi River

RAKU SPA Tsurumi: An Oasis of Relaxation RAKU SPA Tsurumi, a renowned establishment highly recommended by industry experts, has been serving customers since its establishment on the scenic Tsurumi River in 2014. As soon as you step foot inside, a delightful aroma engulfs you, creating a soothing atmosphere. Store manager, Yuichi Onoda, exclaims with excitement, […]

“Buikin Puttipong” prepares to live abroad Resolve feelings towards “PP”

“Buikin Puttipong Assarattanakul“Another talented artist and actor who continues to follow his own dreams. All the best for that “Bukin” It was accepted that showed the potential of this young man. Award from Kom Chad Luek Ord platform It is one of them that is unanimously called in terms of popularity. and quality (excellent) must […]

Here comes the nickname of the star in the year 2022, “Ma Ornapha”, the horse crab facing “Kanchai”, the father treats the suffering of “Ing Fah”, Miss Hundred Dramas.

It’s called practicing until it’s normal. for the cause The “Association of Entertainment Journalists” set the nickname of celebrities to keep up with the trend. And famous events in the past year, this year, 2022, the Society of Entertainment Journalists has already revealed 10 nicknames of entertainers. which this year has come Both of them […]