9 new stories, the crown of Miss Universe 2022 “Force for Good”, the new design of the universe

according to JKN Organize a press conference announcing the completion of a business acquisition agreement “Miss Universe Organization” or Miss Universe Organization (MUO) from Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc., a 100% shareholder of IMG Worldwide, LLC, the copyright holder. Miss Universe (Miss Universe) in October 2022 latest Chakrabongse Chakrajutatip Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, JKN […]

10 famous titles in 2012, “entertainers” in every circle, real couples – genius couples – beauty queens, full of darts

“Celebrity Title 2022” “by the Association of Entertainment Journalists” has also given nicknames to artists, celebrities and people in the entertainment industry, which this year “Mr. Pramote Sararat” Interim President of the Association of Entertainment Journalists together with the Board of Directors of the Association have collaboration with many entertainment media and media Send a […]

Here comes the nickname of the star in the year 2022, “Ma Ornapha”, the horse crab facing “Kanchai”, the father treats the suffering of “Ing Fah”, Miss Hundred Dramas.

It’s called practicing until it’s normal. for the cause The “Association of Entertainment Journalists” set the nickname of celebrities to keep up with the trend. And famous events in the past year, this year, 2022, the Society of Entertainment Journalists has already revealed 10 nicknames of entertainers. which this year has come Both of them […]

“Anna Suea-ngam-iam” believes and does her best – every girl is a “tiger”

A very golden year of the beauty queen industry after “Ann Chakrabongse” has announced a purchase Miss Universe Organization (MUO) It is 100% Thai owned and recently organized an event JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza A fantastic universe is called the launch press conference. MOO official the biggest time because in the event, […]

‘JKN’ aims for Miss Universe to pay back in 3 years

After JKN Global Group Public Company Limited (JKN) spent around 800 million baht to acquire the Miss Universe Foundation from IMG Worldwide, a subsidiary of Endeavor Group, JKN executives are preparing to launch new products to extend the Miss Universe brand under MU Lifestyle Mr Chakrapong Chakrajutathib Chief Executive JKN said that it is believed […]