The final curve reveals the top 5 candidates to win the Miss Universe 2022 crown.

MISS UNIVERSE THAILAND Anna, a beautiful tiger (ANNA SUEANGAM-YAM) a beautiful woman representing Thailand, 24 years old, height 175 centimeters, beautiful face, sharp talent, overflowing Guaranteed with 1st class honor, 4-year scholarship from Kasetsart University Faculty of Arts and Sciences There is an interesting life battle path . In addition, Anna Suea’s beauty degree has […]

5 city tours of New Orleans, home of the Miss Universe 2022 pageant

a fight Miss Universe The final round of the year 2022 is getting closer and closer. Miss Universe beauty pageant fans are counting down to wait for the final round of the pageant on January 15, 2023 at 8:00 local time in Thailand. which Anna, a beautiful tiger Or as fans of the beauty queen […]

“Anna Suea” is on the podium Eligible to win the crown of Miss Universe 2022

Miss Universe Predictions Facebook page reveals Anna Suea Ngam Iam up on podium Eligible to win Miss Universe 2022 crown Made fans of Thailand’s beauty queen cheer for the competition. Miss Universe 2022 71st time in New Orleans, USA, where Thai women representatives like Anna Suea Ngarmiam Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Make the fans of […]

“Anna Suea-ngam-iam” believes and does her best – every girl is a “tiger”

A very golden year of the beauty queen industry after “Ann Chakrabongse” has announced a purchase Miss Universe Organization (MUO) It is 100% Thai owned and recently organized an event JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza A fantastic universe is called the launch press conference. MOO official the biggest time because in the event, […]