42 km in six hours; Shanthi Antony shines in Los Angeles Marathon, Antony Perumbavoor, Shanthi Antony, Marathon In Los Angeles

37Shanthi Antony, wife of producer Antony Perumbavoor, completes the 5th Los Angeles Marathon. Shanti successfully completed 42 km in six hours and 27 minutes. Antony Perumbavoor has shared this information on social media “Congratulations to dear Shanti for completing the 37th Los Angeles Marathon in six hours and 27 minutes,” said Antony Perumbavoor. About 15,000 […]

Producer Antony Perumbavoor’s new vacation home video goes trending | Antony Perumbavoor’s Vacation Home in Kochi with stunning views

Antony Perumbavoor is one of the leading producers of Malayalam cinema. Antony became a leading producer when he started producing Mohanlal films under the banner of Ashirvad Cinemas. Now, the views of Antony’s vacation home in Kochi amaze the fans. Antony Perumbavoor Vacation Home (Image Source: Instagram) Today, Antony Perumbavoor is one of the leading […]

Antony Perumbavoor joins ‘Amma’ Antony Perumbavoor AMMA Member

Producer Antony Perumbavoor has joined ‘Amma’. Antony joined the organization in connection with the general body meeting of ‘Amma’ held in Kochi on Sunday. Antony has acted in over 26 films from ‘Kilukkam’. Antony has acted as a full-fledged character in films such as 21st Century, Scene 2. Antony last appeared in the Mohanlal-Priyadarshan film […]

Marakkar: Mohanlal joins ‘Marakkar’; Making video

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Dec 9, 2021, 5:54 PM IST Priyadarshan – Mohanlal’s movie ‘Marakkar: The Lion of the Arabian Sea’ (Marakkar) making video has been released by the lineup. The video captures many of the crucial scenes of the film, which is set on the largest canvas in Malayalam so far. The video shows Mohanlal’s […]

Marakkar | Mohanlal fills the cell with wood; Watch the making video

Aniyara activists have released the making video of Marakkar, directed by Priyadarshan and starring Mohanlal, in the lead role. In the one minute long video, actor Mohanlal’s agility and flexibility are evident. The film went on to break several records within days of its release. The release, which was scheduled for release in March 2020, […]