Ukraine Spring Counteroffensive Operations Launched : PPTVHD36

In the coming weeks, many European countries, including Ukraine, enter the spring Although many fronts in the war in Ukraine tend to be more intense. After Ukraine announced that it will launch a counteroffensive and recover the territory occupied by Russia. This action is called Spring Offensive or Spring Counterattack. But for Ukraine to do […]

Best friends meet Xi Jinping-Putin faces, strengthening ties | 21 March ’23

This meeting was watched all over the world. Because it happened on a day when Russia needed support in the war. while China announced to be a mediator He proposed a peace plan in Ukraine, and President Putin accepted. Prepare to talk in detail about the meeting again of the two leaders today (21 March […]

“Xi Jinping” visits Russia to strengthen ties without borders : PPTVHD36

The almost 13-month war in Ukraine is about to begin at a critical time. After today, President Xi Jinping China’s leaders decide to make an official visit to Russia. This is the first visit of a Chinese leader to Russia since President Putin launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24 last year. Many nations, […]

US releases footage of moment Russian fighter jets attack drone: PPTVHD36

Issues Progress on the Collisions of the United States Drone and a Russian plane that happened last Tuesday It is also an issue that many parties follow closely. because it could lead to a new conflict between the two countries apart from the war in Ukraine Now both sides continued to react fiercely. Russia said […]

North Korea fires ICBM in response to US-South Korea military exercises: PPTVHD36

The situation on the Korean peninsula continues to escalate. after the United States South Korea launched its biggest war games in five years under the so-called ‘Freedom Shield’ on Monday. And today, March 16, has reached its 4th day. The moves have angered North Korea and have promised to proceed with missile tests during that […]

“Bakmut” continues to clash fiercely Russia uses banned chemicals: PPTVHD36

The fighting situation in the area is still fierce. Russia can advance and occupy the surrounding area. More and more Bagmut But still unable to surround the Ukrainian soldiers. Or advance to the center of Bakmut, but Russia began to attack Ukraine more seriously wanting to capture the city as soon as possible observing the […]