Gene Therapy Gel? Promising use in the treatment of skin disease blistering wounds | GeneOnline News

Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, this blistering skin disease that sounds awkward and incomprehensible, is actually a rare hereditary blistering skin disease, which is not only life-threatening, but also makes patients suffer continuously for years or decades of affliction with large open wounds, but unfortunately, the current treatment options for this distressing condition are palliative care. People […]

Potential new compounds for the treatment of depression and anxiety: releasing serotonin without increasing dopamine | GeneOnline News

Modern people live under great pressure, and depression and anxiety are common diseases of civilization. Medical researchers are constantly looking for new drugs that can be used for treatment. MedUni Vienna recently identified a lead compound), in addition to having the same antidepressant effect of increasing serotonin, it can reduce the risk of drug abuse […]

Parkinson’s new discovery! How Lipids Affect Protein Aggregate Formation | GeneOnline News

In Parkinson’s disease, the most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s, although the cause is unknown, alpha-synuclein in the brain turns into fibril-like threads A shaped structure, and eventually the formation of aggregates, has ‘to be recognized as one of the prominent pathological features. . In the latest study from “Nature Communications”, the German team showed […]

Deep learning technology helps! New tool identifies diverse bacteria from microscopy images | GeneOnline News

Artificial intelligence technology is driving continuous progress in the medical field. Recently, a team from the University of Washington demonstrated the newly developed deep learning software Omnipose. With the help of advanced technology, Omnipose not only achieves the original goal of helping to identify various microscopic bacteria in microscope images, but also enable further Identification […]