MRT Pink Line Project: Expanding Bangkok’s Rail Transport Network

MRT Pink Line Project: Khae Rai – Min Buri Section The MRT Pink Line Project, connecting Bangkok and its surroundings, is a public-private partnership (PPP) endeavor aimed at expanding the rail transport network. Approved by the Cabinet on March 29, 2016, the project adopts a Stradle Monorail system and spans a total service distance of […]

The Growing Trend of International Travel to Thailand: Top Origin Countries Revealed

International Travel Trends: Thailand’s Growing Appeal The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (EXAT) recently disclosed the latest international travel information, revealing an ongoing upward trend in tourist arrivals. Notably, the number of foreign tourists visiting Thailand during the first and second quarters of this year has significantly increased. In the first quarter, Thailand welcomed a […]

Beat! 33rd President of the Provincial Office ‘Ataphon Rerkpiboon’ CEO of PTT

On May 15, 2023 at the officeChulalongkorn University Alumni Association under the Royal Patronage (Police Station) Thanon Phayathai, Director of the Provincial Office Office with the top 15 election results and was announced as director on May 8th. Attend a meeting in accordance with Article 28 of the Articles of Association BE 2565 to elect […]

Countdown to the end of the legend ‘Thai Smile’, transferring 20 planes, spreading its wings in the name of IT

after last March. “Piyasvasti Amranand” CEO Business Rehabilitation Scheme, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited He came out to announce the organizational restructuring plan There is a plan to merge Thai Smile Airways back under Thai Airways. Which operates in accordance with the organizational rehabilitation plan which ultimately has to be only Thai Airways as […]

Sri Wari Noi 465 less plot of land, AOT built a complete agricultural produce center

Key Points AOT accelerates Sri Wari Noi land development 465 ‘to create a comprehensive agricultural product centre Preparing to sell document envelopes this June. Engaging with the private sector to develop 5 plots of land after taking a job “General Director” Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited or AOT officially on April 24th. “Kerati Kijmanawat” […]

Install a ‘solar cell’ to solve the problem of “expensive electricity bills”? Things to know before investing

Can installing “solar cells” help solve the problem of “expensive electricity bills” or not? And when will it break even? Things to know before investing Key points Skyrocketing global energy prices affect the cost of importing LNG, pushing the price up”expensive electricity bill” MEA installs the systemsolar cellReduce electricity costs by using solar energy. Increase […]

The new Porsche Cayenne, starting at 6.5 million, facelift – power, adding many options

Porsche Cayenne New with additional features, be it a digital control system display screen The suspension uses the latest technology. Michael Schätzle Vice Chairman According to the Cayenne Product Line Supervisor, this is the biggest facelift ever. in the history of Porsche “High definition HD Matrix LED head sports with high efficiency air purification system. […]

Rider dependent on electric motorcycles New entrants are entering the market

Electric Vehicle (EV) gaining more and more popularity Sales are constantly increasing Including having a car model and entrepreneurs entering the market are also continuously increasing However, in the past, it was EV’s image that stood out and attracted attention. Most of them are passenger cars. but actually There are many other types of EVs […]