Levanga Hokkaido terminates contract with head coach Kenichi Sako on mutual agreement, assistant coach Ryutaro Onodera becomes HC substitute – Basket Count | Basket Account

President Orimo said, “In order to change the current situation, we have come to the decision to terminate the contract.” Levanga Hokkaido has announced that it has canceled the contract with Kenichi Sako, the head coach, by mutual agreement. At the same time, it was announced that assistant coach Ryutaro Onodera will take over the […]

Rui Hachimura’s transfer to the Lakers has been decided! Team with LeBron James but still struggling trying to ‘ready-to-play’-Basket Count | Basket Account

Potential to start alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis The first big transfer before the trade deadline was the Wizards’ Rui Hachimura. On January 23, “The Athletic” and “ESPN” reported Rui Hachimura’s decision to transfer to the Lakers almost at the same time. Traded Kendrick Nunn for three second round picks. Hachimura enters his fourth […]

4 fouls in 4 minutes, Yuta Watanabe, who was unable to respond to the whistle, scored only 1 point, and the winning streak of the Nets, who could not improve their defense, was stopped at 12 – Basket Count | Basket Account

Watanabe, who got into foul trouble, has only 6 minutes of playing time A game where the Nets went into the home of the Bulls. Yuta Watanabe fell into foul trouble with 4 foul goals in 4 minutes, and when he scored only 1 goal without a successful field goal, the Nets were unable to […]

The Emperor’s Cup Finals, where Chiba JC will take on Shinshu and Gunma will take on Yokohama CC at home! – Basket Account | Basket Account

Can Shinshu stop Chiba J’s transformation crime? Two quarter-final matches of the Emperor’s Cup (final round) will be held today. The two teams that won the quarter-finals, last season’s League B champions Utsunomiya Brex, and the runners-up Ryukyu Golden Kings joined the four teams in the semi-finals (semi-finals) in February, and on March 12. the […]

Fukuoka Daiichi fell one step short, and Ryui Todoroki, who wore the same number 8 as his senior, said, “By wearing this number, I was able to grow emotionally and as a player.” – Basket Account | Basket Account

4th Quarter showing stubbornness with a 10-0 run “I can’t play boring” On December 29, Fukuoka Daiichi faced Kaishi Kokusai in the Winter Cup final. Kaishi Kokusai’s Bashir Faisal Mohammed dominated inside throughout, and could not take rebounds as he would have liked, nor could he make a quick attack like his specialty. In the […]

Kyoto Seika Gakuen, who dominated the game from defense, Yuka Yagi, who returned to the final last year after drinking regret “I want to win with a smile at the end” – Basket Count | Basket Account

Coach Yamamoto: “I am convinced that a good defense will create a good offense.” In the semifinals of the Women’s Winter Cup, Kyoto Seika Gakuen faces Tokai University Fukuoka. When they succeeded with a 17-0 run in the first quarter, they won 70-47 at 40 minutes with a fast break defensive rebound, and won 70-47, […]

Tsutomu Isa, the head coach of Sunrockers Shibuya who won the Emperor’s Cup in the 2019-20 season, suddenly left the team account-Basket | Basket Account

He also announced the departure of assistant coach James Andrisevich, who joined this season Sunrockers Shibuya announced today that head coach Tsutomu Isa will be leaving the team. Head coach Isa, who hails from Okinawa Prefecture, was an assistant coach for the local Ryukyu Golden Kings from the 2007-08 season, when the team was founded, […]