In the semifinals of the Empress Cup, ENEOS Sunflowers beat Toyota Motor Corporation in the “Contest of the Queens”, Ramu Tokashiki dominated the game with 32 points and 17 rebounds – Basket Count |

Tokashiki and Hoshi scored a combined 53 goals, conceding just 18 goals in the second half, and won a 10th consecutive title Nine-time Empress Cup winners ENEOS Sunflowers and W-League winners Toyota Antelopes clash in the semi-finals of the Empress Cup. Raimu Tokashiki showed a spectacular performance with 32 points, 17 rebounds and 3 blocks, […]

The top 4 of the Empress Cup are here! Fujitsu Red Wave, showing W League spirit, wins close match with intercollegiate king Tokyo Medical and Health University-Basket Count | Basket Account

ENEOS Sunflowers are making steady progress towards a 10th consecutive victory The final round of the Empress Cup began on December 14th at the National Yoyogi National Gymnasium, with four quarter-final matches taking place on the 14th and 15th. Back-to-back league champions Toyota Antelopes, ENEOS Sunflowers aiming for their 10th straight Empress Cup win, Fujitsu […]

Unstoppable Yuta Watanabe succeeds in four consecutive 3-point shots in the 4th quarter and becomes the driving force behind the defeat of the Grizzlies! – Basket Account | Basket Account

Led a 16-5 run in the final quarter A game where the Nets hosted the Grizzlies at home. Yuta Watanabe showed great success in leading the team to victory in a game that attracted attention as Kyrie Irving returned from suspension. After failing to make a difference in the first half and trailing 57-62, the […]