“Anna Suea-ngam-iam” believes and does her best – every girl is a “tiger”

A very golden year of the beauty queen industry after “Ann Chakrabongse” has announced a purchase Miss Universe Organization (MUO) It is 100% Thai owned and recently organized an event JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza A fantastic universe is called the launch press conference. MOO official the biggest time because in the event, […]

Revealing the face of 10 beauty queens in 10 years “Miss Grand International”

The scene is closed for Pageant “Miss Grand International 2022”. or “Miss Grand International 2022″ that just passed last night the news teamKom Chad Luek Entertainment” has stuck to the situation from the beginning until this moment, and who grab the golden crown this time it is ” Isabella“or “Isabella menin” Miss Grand Brazil (Miss […]

Top 10 instant wins to “Miss Grand International” finals

by page Miss Grand International note that ❗️ Very urgent ❗️ Update “????miss Popular????” (Winners will automatically qualify for the final 10) And here are those 10 beauty queensbeauty queen of loveGlobal vote for the most via https://missgrandinternational.com/contestants/ Number 1 Miss Grand Mauritius 6th place Miss Grand Laos 7th place Miss Grand Cambodia 8th place […]