Top 100 DJs ALOK, Alan Walker and KIDDO Release New Single

In the second month of 2022, we will welcome the blockbuster single from the CONTROVERSIA label of the S factory: Top 100 DJs, Brazilian music producers, DJ ALOK, together with the leader Alan Walker and Swedish singer KIDDO, bring a new single “Headlights”! As the most famous music producer in Brazil with more than 20 […]

“Ten Years One Taste Warm Ruyan” released the regret song “Ten Years Like Smoke” MV Tang Hanxiao emotionally interprets Ding Yuxi and Ren Min’s ten years of Beiqing Net

Co-produced by Enlight Pictures, Colorful Lights, and Youth Enlightenment, the movie “Ten Years One Taste Wen Ruyan”, adapted from the novel of the same name by Shu Haicangsheng, released the regret song “Ten Years Like Smoke” MV, sung by Tang Hanxiao. The film is directed by Zhao Fei, starring Ding Yuxi, Ren Min, and Li […]

“Female Psychologist” successfully concluded Yang Tongshu won countless praises for his acting atmosphere_YNET.com北青网

Recently, the TV series “Female Psychologist” directed by Ke Wenli and starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran has successfully concluded. The powerful actor Yang Tongshu played Fu Tang in the play. When she went online, she firmly captured the audience’s attention with only a back view. “Female psychologist Yang Tongshu’s appearance atmosphere” instantly boarded the […]

Inheriting the hero’s aspirations, the Volunteer Army will strengthen the country’s security micro-film “Wish” is launched today to pay tribute to the cutest person_YNET.com北青网

The gift-giving micro-film “Wish • Wish” to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Air Force is available online today. The film is jointly produced by the Air Administration Propaganda and Cultural Center and Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Li, and starred by Tao Wei, an air force pilot of […]