“Chuwit” boils over, does not hold back “Pride Thai” | 27 Feb. ’23

“Chuwit” boils over, does not hold back “Proud Thai” . A bloody story arose When a public health officer went down to inspect the marijuana shop in Mr Chuwit’s hotel area Does Mr Chuvit think this looks like bullying or not? . Follow up on the “Big news” list Monday, February 27, 2023 at 10:50 […]

New evidence! Audio clip of witnesses in the Du Hao case | 1 January 23

New evidence! Audio clips of witnesses in the Du Hao case . First place! Chuwit opens audio clips, witnesses confirm the relationship Du Hao-nai . Follow up on the “Big News” list Monday, January 2, 2023 at 10:45 pm on PPTV HD Channel 36 #Chuvit #Duhao #Chinese Gray Capital #Chinese Capital #Chinese capitalist #gambling #big […]

Disappeared with the eyes? “Casino Samut Prakan” | 17 November 22

Disappeared with the eyes? “Casino Samut Prakan” . Continue to follow “Samut Prakan Casino” after the former casino supervisor came out to confirm that this casino is a big casino and connects to the Bangkok area. . But the latest coordinates of this “gaming” Antan has disappeared from “Google” already! Why did he disappear and […]

In depth search warrants, luxury houses “Lam Luk Ka” | 11 November 65

The depth of the “Lam Luk Ka” luxury house search warrant . Open the deep! Search warrants for luxury housing in the Chinese capital in the Lam Luk Ka area! The police chief admitted that the people in the house were able to move in time. Carry things through the secret compartment. but got important […]

The world in its most dangerous situation since the Second World War | Dark Night News | 30 October 65 : PPTVHD36

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the world is now in its most dangerous state since the Second World War, with the “Ukrainian War” a key variable. PPTVHD36 Follow more news on the website. https://www.pptvhd36.com and social media channels Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PPTVHD36 Twitter : https://twitter.com/PPTVHD36 Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ pptvhd36 / Line : https://lin.ee/fRsq0ip

Russia Claims Ukraine Used “Dirty Bomb” in Kherson | Around the World DAILY

for the war in Ukraine The main front to keep an eye on is the South, especially Kherson. In one of the regions annexed by Russia several weeks ago, Russia admitted that the situation there is getting worse. After Ukraine continued to advance and regain the area. What is striking is that Russia says Ukraine […]

Watch! “Sena” Ayutthaya prepares to receive water | 13 September 65

Watch! “Sena” Ayutthaya preparing to receive water . Flooding situation in Ayutthaya After today, 6 areas have experienced flooding over the banks for months Recently, Sena district area It is one of the areas with the most flooding. Also, be prepared for more water to be released this weekend! . track in the list “Dark […]