Bitkub KUB Chain Listings on XT.COM Trading Board

November 18, 2022 Company Blockchain Technology Bitkub Creator and Operator of Thailand’s Popular Blockchain Network Bitkub Chain and Blockchain Total Solution provider announced the introduction of KUB to XT.COM, a world-class digital asset exchange. XT.COM It is a trading platform that has been operating since 2018. XT.COM is currently the world’s 22nd digital asset trading […]

Explore the benefits of Token to the MARS, a new experience on Bitkub Chain.

Bitkub chain debut KUB to the MARS The new Lock & Drop package on September 1, 2022 allows users to lock KUB coins to receive bonuses in KUB coins. Users will receive an Exclusive NFT Airdrop with special privileges on an ecosystem of Bitkub chain Which has received a lot of attention from users. The […]

Open Bitkub Chain KUB To Lock MARS KUB Cash Get 13% Bonus.

deal KUB to the MARS It has a highest bonus amount of around 13% and there are a complete of 4 lockout rounds available, detailing the lockout interval for just about every spherical. with approximate bonus fees as follows: 1. Open up for closing on September 1, 2022, 12:00 pm – September 7, 2022, 11:59 […]

How to sign up KUB Identify Service Area on Bitkub Chain like no other

Currently, Bitkub Chain is open for service. KUB Identify Company Sign up a .KUB area Binds a wallet to be utilized in its place of the token transfer time that is preferred around the world is Ethereum Identify Company (ENS), which handles in excess of 100 ++ Blockchain programs, along with an affordable price tag, […]

DAVOS 2022 has 4 big issues that Thai people need to know.

3) Digital Inclusion Bringing digital technology to scale to reach more people due to various operating costs It’s going to be so high that it can’t serve everyone. If the organization does not act or ignore this issue, it will increase the inequality. reinforcing inequality Therefore, it has been stated that Digital Inclusion There are […]

“Bitkub Chain The NEXT Chapter” WATCH LIVE together on 29 March

“Bitkub Chain The NEXT Chapter”, the great development of Bitkub Chain, full of special activities, watch LIVE all over the country on 29 March. Prepare to meet the next step of development. Bitkub Chain in the work”Bitkub Chain The NEXT Chapter” which will take place on March 29, in addition to updating new projects that […]