New evidence! Audio clip of witnesses in the Du Hao case | 1 January 23

New evidence! Audio clips of witnesses in the Du Hao case . First place! Chuwit opens audio clips, witnesses confirm the relationship Du Hao-nai . Follow up on the “Big News” list Monday, January 2, 2023 at 10:45 pm on PPTV HD Channel 36 #Chuvit #Duhao #Chinese Gray Capital #Chinese Capital #Chinese capitalist #gambling #big […]

“Chuwit” contradicts “Uncle Tu” stating that the past year was a year of defeat. can’t step over “Emergency for Emergency”

“Chuvit” hit the past year as “Thai society’s defeat year”, failed to surpass “Crisis in a crisis” The most obvious defeat is to prevent corruption. which is the government’s main policy Unable to rely on justice from the police establishment. Officials claim the benefits of Freeing China’s gray capital to invade Thailand Ding “Uncle Tu” […]