“Chuwit” opens the “Nominee” page, Chinese capital group, gray business Prepare to hand over “Du Hao” financial trail documents to the police chief.

“Chuwit” opens the “Nominee” page, Chinese capital group, gray business tomorrow (December 1), prepare to bring documents The most obvious “financial trail” of “Du Hao” was sent to the police chief and the two deputy Wang would not pretend to be confused, like the ONCB who made a serious expression when inspecting the plane. but […]

“Chuwit” called the sauce to reveal “Lin Long” Du Hao’s stealth partner.

“Chuwit” is preparing to launch the strategy of “Breaking through China Tao, uprooting and cutting roots”, calling for sauce, revealing the seriousness of “Lin Long”, gambling, drug dealing, wearing a colonel’s uniform. tricked the Chinese people together that they can clear all the money but it has already escaped from Thailand because of the “delay” […]

“Du Hao” imprisoned, no stress! “Big Joke” shuts down Chinese gray capital case

the case of Mr.Chainat Kornchayanan or Du Hao He surrendered himself to the Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Chief of Police yesterday. before being detained for further investigation at the Yannawa Police Station Last morning, investigators at the Yannawa Police Station brought Mr. Chainatkorn Chayanan or Du Hao, a Chinese businessman. Go in the car […]