The 10 best ‘dessert street food’ from around the world

TasteAtlas Rating Food, Drink, Restaurant, Local Food and Street latest rating 50 Street Food Desserts Popular from desserts all over the world, and would like to bring up the 10 best desserts from different countries. which Mango Sticky Rice Site 12 and last February Patongo also among the top 5 popular street food snacks company […]

Absinthe herbal spirit called ‘Green Devil’

Absinthe (absinthe) or Absinthe It is a spirit that is distilled from various herbs such as flowers and wormwood leaves. or mugwort (plants in the genus Artemisia), fennel seeds, cumin seeds and other herbs used for medicinal or culinary purposes. The original was natural green. (but may not have colour) Absinthe, Green Fairy or Green […]

‘Almonds’ eat, reduce bad fats, increase good fats, good for the heart

almonds It is a nut that has been eaten by humans for over a thousand years. Modern research supports eating almonds, 1-2-3 meansEat 1 ounce of almonds a day, or 23 almonds. Get vitamin E, B2, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and fibre. great food rich in high antioxidants almonds and almond milk (Cr. […]

VANTAGE POINT (Vantage Point), good view, delicious food

VANTAGE POINT (Vantage Point ) good view, delicious food in Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre The 2nd floor is considered a point where you can see the panoramic view of Benjakiti Park. he saw a big pool “Sam” Paisan Ao Sathaphon mentioned Vantage Point Restaurant which was developed with a prototype of Central Market It […]

Add ‘Probiotics’ Part 2 : ‘Miso’, the hometown flavor

Asians have culture fermented beans Spread across the continent, such as China, is soybean paste. fermented soybean curd of black beans and fava beans marinated with chili, called Doo Ban Jiang. or Shanghai pepper Northern Thai people, Indians, Nepalese haverotten beans Japan is called Natto go to indonesia Tempeh but the main character gives probiotics […]

Adding ‘Probiotics’ to the Body Part 1: Why ‘Greek Yoghurt’?

a period where research clearly shows that Probiotics are good bacteria or friendly microorganisms It helps prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestines. boost immunity And taking care of other body functions, such as helping to absorb nutrients. Treat skin allergies Irritable bowel syndrome, reduce inflammation, and treat neurodegenerative diseases Fermented foods like […]