doctor warns of electronic cigarette smoke Risk of heart disease: PPTVHD36

Nowadays, e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, especially among young people. Smoking behavior is a risk factor that can affect health. often cause various diseases, such as coronary heart disease stroke respiratory disease Emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer, etc. Health me, please from BDMS which provides facts to clear doubts and solve all health questions On […]

How is COVID-19 red eye different from normal conjunctivitis? : PPTVHD36

conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis) It can be caused by many reasons, such as infection, allergies, exposure to chemicals, etc., but it is common. and very easy to communicate with is viral conjunctivitis Through contact through tears through direct contact with hands. or tools And to touch another person’s eye or get dirty water in the […]

March 21 World Down Syndrome Day Differences coexisting equally: PPTVHD36

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD: World Down Syndrome Day) match date March 21 of each year, with the first event held when the ghost 2549. larrier eg in Singapore before being pushed by the United Nations Officially since 2012, today, the World Organization for Down Syndrome will organize and participate in an event that wants […]