Bad signal investment “Vietnam” collapsed! #BUSINESSWORLD | BUSINESS WATCH |

Vietnam is a country with a continuous increase in investment capital. But this year started to show bad signs. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Severe decline What is happening? Let’s follow up The trade conflict between the US and China is not ending Multinational companies are moving their bases to ASEAN. Thailand received merit policy insights […]

Penetrate the Thai trade partner market. catch the hot product trend China opens countries to support exports | WATCH BUSINESS | 13-01-66 (FULL)

Encouraging China to open up the country to support exports from Thailand turned out to be a positive Food – fruit is merit. As for snacks and strong drinks USA-Korea-Japan Market What kind of product will satisfy consumers? #Export #BusinessTrends Meet the BUSINESS WATCH program to see business trends. #BUSNESSWATCH with Mr. Jia Sophon Nawaratanapong […]

Live : TNN News Morning news Wednesday 7 September 2022 time 06.00-08.00

Live : TNN News Morning news Wednesday 7 September 2022 time 06.00-08.00 Reduce “illness deaths” for 6 months — Rain pelts the city for more than 5 hours Bang Khen area floods in many places — Typhoon blows’ n heavy in South Korea — Cabinet approved EGAT to borrow 8.5 billion to pay FT Fee […]

Big aromatic Thai startups compete for investment | BUSINESS WATCH | 20-03-65

During the past year, ASEAN startups, including Thailand, have had large private companies to invest in many companies in Thailand led by bank groups such as SCB Krungsri, and this year, a new group has started. both in real estate and oil business Additional investment announcement Combined with the tax exemption from the Cabinet, this […]