Exclusive ++ FDP wants to pass new law – on nuclear power

The FDP Presidium will decide on a paper on Monday that is intended to introduce a new law: In the future, research on technologies in Germany should be more open, there could be changes especially in fracking and nuclear power. The FDP is planning a new law that will, among other things, facilitate research in […]

POSCO Group Holds Special Exhibition for Hydrogen Value Chain – POSCO Official Newsroom

l By February 28th… Present POSCO Group’s hydrogen business value chain and future portfolio l Organizing exhibition booths with 7 themes, including PR video zone, hydrogen synergy, mobility, and machinery On January 16, POSCO Group opened a special exhibition called ‘POSCO Hydrogen World’ at the POSCO Center in Seoul to introduce the group’s hydrogen value […]

SK earth-on, British Azully ​​discovers and develops a global CCS business

[월간수소경제 박상우 기자] SK earth-on joined forces with Azuli in the UK to discover and develop global CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) business opportunities, primarily in Australia and the United States. SK earth-on announced on the 2nd that it had established a strategic global CCS partnership with Azuli on December 27 last year. The main […]

Get to know CCUS carbon capture technology How to change the energy world in the future

Furthermore, the project developer has announced ambitions to have over 200 new capture plants open by 2030, capable of capturing more than 220 million CO2 annually. Only 10 projects are being developed as FID (Final Investment Decision) in June 2022. However, even at this level, the use of CCUS is significantly underestimated in the IEA’s […]