5 Sleep Immunity Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System

Title: “Boosting Your Immune System: 5 Essential Tips for Sleep Immunity” By [Author Name], Contributing Editor at Health Medical Network The human immune system plays a crucial role in protecting our bodies from diseases and aiding in its repair. However, unhealthy living habits and poor diet choices can weaken the immune system, making individuals more […]

Smartwatch’s Accelerometer: A Key Predictor of Parkinson’s Disease Progression

Smartwatch Accelerometer Can Predict Parkinson’s Disease Years in Advance According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently over 55 million people worldwide suffering from dementia, a number expected to rise to 78 million by 2030 and 139 million by 2050. In a groundbreaking study conducted by the UK Dementia Research Institute (UKDRI) and […]

Cramps and dry skin are warning signs of calcium deficiency! Nutritionist teaches you 4 ways to supplement calcium effectively – News – Rti Central Radio

Dry skin and cramps are all symptoms of calcium deficiency. The nutritionist organized 4 simple steps to supplement calcium to teach the public to supplement calcium effectively. (Photo: Provided by the Health and Medical Network) According to the latest “National Nutrition and Health Change Survey” by the National Health Service, calcium is the mineral with […]

Earth Defense NASA Test Hits Asteroid (Video) – News – Rti Central Radio

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART) program. (Credits: ASI/NASA) Alien stars may destroy the earth. In the past, it has only existed in the plots of movies, but now scientists have started to try to prove that humans have the ability to protect the earth when the alien stars actually attacking the earth. From the […]