Perforated walls! Crazy inspector shooting bullets on the floor : PPTVHD36

For the effects of the shooting incident! rises from Inspector Kan make the villagers’ houses stable Lots of damage PPTV went to the area to inspect the house next to Inspector Kan’s house. Dozens of bullet holes were found. Several bullets hit the ground. The home owner said he didn’t think this would happen. Because […]

A ‘crazy inspector’ caused a shooting in the deceased Sai Mai area

On March 15, 2023, the progress of the case “Mad Inspector” or “Inspector Kan” 50 years old, shot inside the house Police officers spent more than 28 hours in the siege of negotiations until last noon. An operation to subdue the crazy inspector was able to bring force to stop the incident. It was reported […]

Sorry people! ‘Crazy Police Inspector’ shot in Sai Mai, arrests Sub-Pol. Lt. Col. seriously injured

cause crazy police inspector Shooting Sai Mai The police chief apologizes to peopleAffected – ready to fulfill compensation, revealedInspector Kan“Through training to Subdue the Destruction Pyree possessing expertise in several areas Before transferring to the Special Branch, he passed a schizophrenic test. Let’s check the information first. State the preparations for considering leaving government service […]