17 groups participated in the baseball game of the 16th Beijing Countrywide Game titles that finished_Team B_Fengtai District_Chaoyang District

Unique title: 17 groups taking part in the Beijing 16th National Game titles baseball match ended Sporting activities Information Beijing | Reporter Deng Fangjia On August 14, the “China Sporting activities Lottery Cup” Baseball Sport of the 16th Beijing Game titles (Youth Aggressive Group) ended at the Beijing Lucheng Athletics Specialized Faculty Baseball Stadium. In […]

The relevant person in charge of the Paradise Supermarket Bar was criminally filed for allegedly obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and the entertainment venues in Chaoyang District, Beijing were closed for rectification | Chaoyang District_Sina Finance_Sina.com

Original titleThe relevant person in charge of the Paradise Supermarket Bar was placed on criminal case Suspected of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases; 287 infected people have been reported in the cluster epidemic in Paradise supermarket and bars, and six departments have formed a joint investigation team On June 14, Beijing held […]

[Front-line interviews]The number of infected students in Tongzhou District, Beijing has increased sharply | Shanghai Epidemic | Beijing Epidemic | Chaoyang District

[Epoch Times, April 27, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Gu Qinger and Hong Ning interviewed and reported) The epidemic spread in Beijing, and the number of infected people continued to rise. Among them, the epidemic spread to many schools, and the number of students infected increased sharply. On April 27, all primary and secondary schools in […]

[Front-line interview]Two thousand residents in a Beijing community were violently cleared out | Chaoyang District | Contract | Official

[Epoch Times September 07, 2021](Interviews and reports by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning and Zhang Yujie) Violent evictions of residents are taking place in the Xiangjiang Bei’an Community in Beijing. Residents of the community told The Epoch Times that the incident was operated by the government. The officials used “public rental housing” as an excuse […]