Travelers should wear a mask in countries where the spread of Covid is high – WHO

Washington: In many foreign countries like China, Japan, America etc., Covid cases are increasing again. In many places, new varieties have caused the spread. Reports emerged that a new variant called XBB.1.5 was behind the outbreak in the US. After this, the World Health Organization has again issued instructions regarding the use of masks. The […]

China begins pilot production of Omikron-stimulated mRNA vaccine

Reuters reported the company.Cansino BiologyohChina Posted on the company’s social media accounts late Thursday night (January 5), the vaccine known as CS-2034 Targeting new strains of omikron That caused massive infections after China canceled the policyzero covidStrictly in Dec. To this day, China still uses nine self-developed vaccines, including the inactive vaccine. But none of […]

China reports 3 more deaths from COVID-19

China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday (Jan 7) that China has reported more deaths from COVID-19. Three new domestic cases on Friday (January 6) after five deaths from COVID on Thursday (January 5). China’s official death toll is 5,267. Reuters reports that hospitals in China are under intense pressure. with COVID-19 […]

The Corona virus scare never ends, a new, more infectious and widely spreading variant of the corona virus found in China warns WHO | Corona Virus Update: The world is again afraid of Corona, the new variants found in China are more deadly

The latest on coronavirus: Although there has been a recent reduction in the number of cases of the coronavirus, the threat of an epidemic remains. Millions of people around the world are still fighting this disease. New corona cases are still being reported in India. At the end of 2019, the disease caused by the […]

Kovid fears again in China; Suspicion from clothing parcels | Covid 19 | Clothing Deliveries

BEIJING ആരോപണം Allegations are mounting that the re-emergence of Kovid in China is from parcels from clothing stores. Kovid confirmed to three employees of a children’s clothing factory in Hubei, China. Following this, the company informed that those who received the parcel from here and handled the clothes should be inspected by Kovid. Authorities said […]