[중국증시 주간전망] Manufacturing indicators, China risk ‘close attention’

Chinese stock market weekly outlook [사진=로이터연합뉴스] This week (November 27 – December 1), the Chinese stock market is expected to closely watch the Chinese manufacturing industry indicators for November. Last week, the Chinese stock market closed in a bear market despite news of the Chinese government’s recent real estate stimulus measures. It was reported in […]

The Cultural Origins of Red and Green: Why China’s Stock Market Uses Opposite Colors

Heading: The Origin of Using “Red” and “Green” in the Chinese Stock Market Why is the Chinese stock market using “red” to represent rising stocks and “green” to represent falling stocks, unlike stock markets worldwide? Key Points: Chinese culture holds the color red in high regard, considering it to be the symbol of auspiciousness and […]

Foreign and Domestic Factors Shaping the Thai Stock Market

Foreign Factors Impacting the Thai Stock Market Date: September 5, 2022 Factory Orders in July The market expects a decrease of -2.5% month-on-month (mm) from the previous growth of 2.3% mm. However, durable goods orders are not expected in July. Service Sector PMI (ISM) On September 6, the service sector Purchasing Managers’ Index (ISM) is […]

China’s LGFV Debt Problem: An Issue to Watch as Risk of Default Increases

China’s Local Government Financing Vehicle (LGFV) debt remains a concern, says SCB CIO In a recent report, Dr. Kampol Adireksombat, the Senior Vice President and team leader at SCB Chief Investment Office (SCB CIO), revealed that the high level of debt held by China’s Local Government Financing Vehicles (LGFVs) is an issue that needs to […]

[중국증시 마감]Mixed tax on interest rate cuts… Shanghai↓ Shenzhen↑

People’s Bank of China[사진=신화통신] On the 20th, the Chinese stock market showed a mixed trend despite the base rate cut. As the rate cut did not meet expectations, the market reaction was lukewarm. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3240.36, down 15.45 points (0.47%), and the Shenzhen Component Index rose 31.30 points (0.28%) to 11305.35. […]

Chinese stock market ready to trade 100 billion yuan ‘not for sale’ shares

Xinhua News Agency, June 4 – Closing shares worth 108 billion yuan (about 1.5 billion US dollars) will have the option to be traded on various stock exchanges. from China next weekInformation from Wind, a provider of financial information. Shows that the shares of 76 entrepreneurs are equivalent to about 11.3 billion shares. Trading rights […]

Chinese National People’s Congress meeting New optimism boosts Chinese stocks

after Chinese stock market Increased from bottoming out at the end of October 2022 due to the lifting of the Chinese government’s Zero COVID measures until February. The Chinese stock market seems to have started to absorb all these positive factors. and began to weaken But the new supporting factors that will cause the Chinese […]