Chong Kun Dang Signs $1 Trillion Export Deal with Novartis, Targeting Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Market Dominance

Chong Kun Dang Signs 1 Trillion Won Technology Export Contract with Novartis A groundbreaking technology export contract worth 1 trillion won has been signed between Chong Kun Dang and global pharmaceutical giant Novartis. The attention of industry experts is now directed towards the factors that facilitated this impressive global deal, particularly for the development code-named […]

Chong Kun Dang Signs $1.305 Billion Technology Export Contract with Novartis

Chong Kun Dang Strikes Record-Breaking $1.3 Billion Technology Export Deal with Novartis In a major development, Chong Kun Dang, a leading pharmaceutical company, has secured a groundbreaking technology export contract worth an astounding $1.305 billion (KRW 1.7302 trillion) with global pharmaceutical giant, Novartis. The contract entails Chong Kun Dang exporting technology valued at $1.305 billion, […]

Rise of Complex and Mixed Vitamin Products: Meeting Consumer Demand for Convenience

Healthcare Companies Launch Complex Vitamin Products to Meet Growing Demand Dal Dong-A Pharmaceutical Dmall Introduces Orthomol Immunity In response to the increasing popularity of high-content vitamin products, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare start-ups are continuously launching new offerings. One such product is ‘Orthomol Immunity’ from the renowned health functional food brand, Orthomol, by Dong-A Pharmaceutical. This […]

Benfobel S: Korea’s First High-Content Active Vitamin for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment and Liver Enhancement

Chong Kun Dang Launches Groundbreaking Vitamin Supplement ‘Benfobel S’ Chong Kun Dang, a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea, has introduced ‘Benfobel S,’ the country’s first high-content active vitamin. This innovative supplement boasts 60 mg of mecobalamin, a crucial ingredient for treating peripheral neuropathy, as well as ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), known for its liver-enhancing properties. The […]

Sitagliptin: The Universal Key to Effective Combination Therapy for Diabetes Treatment

Exploring the Benefits of Combination Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes [GYEONGJU=Journalist: Lee Hyun-joo] Sitagliptin, known for its blood sugar lowering effect and safety, is emerging as a key component in combination therapy for type 2 diabetes. This is due to its ability to reduce the risk of complications based on the ‘inheritance effect’, which highlights […]

Key Factors on Glucose Control: Professor Park Jeong-hwan Presents Findings on Type 2 Diabetes in Koreans and the Benefits of Januvia Therapy

Key Factors for Glucose Control Explored in Presentation by Professor Park Jeong-hwan In a recent presentation at the ICOMES (International Conference on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome), Professor Park Jeong-hwan from Hanyang University Hospital shed light on the key factors affecting glucose management in type 2 diabetes patients. Professor Park emphasized the importance of a combination […]

Chong Kun Dang Launches Korea’s First High-Content Active Vitamin ‘Benfobel S’ with Improved Physical Fatigue and Liver Function

Chong Kun Dang, a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea, has recently introduced a groundbreaking product called ‘Benfobel S’. This innovative high-content active vitamin contains 60 mg of mecobalamin, a potent ingredient for treating peripheral neuropathy, and ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), which improves liver function. Benfobel S stands out from existing products by its enhanced vitamin B […]

Examining the Problem of Arbitrary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Causes, Consequences, and System Improvements

Concerns mount over arbitrary drug manufacturing and its impact on public health Introduction Despite strengthened inspections and increased administrative punishments, pharmaceutical companies continue to be exposed for violations in drug manufacturing and quality control (GMP). One of the most concerning issues is the practice of ‘random manufacturing’ where medicines produced differ from the approved formulations, […]

[약업신문]Lonza acquires an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) specialist.

Swiss biotech company Lonza announced on the 1st that it would acquire Synaffix BV from the Netherlands. Synapix is ​​a biotechnology company focused on commercializing a clinical stage technology platform for the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). This place is not unfamiliar as Chong Kun Dang, a domestic company, signed a contract for the introduction […]