Court examines climate lawsuits against the federal government

With their protest, environmental groups want to underline their criticism of the government’s climate policy. Legal questions dominate in court. For example: Are the associations even entitled to sue? To ensure that climate goals are achieved, environmental organizations want to legally oblige the federal government to take effective measures. The Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court (OVG) […]

Heat, fires, floods: the federal government must act!

The climate crisis is escalating. The summer of 2023 will thus become a historic political opportunity. The federal government must use them. Things are getting hot on earth right now: heat waves are causing temperatures in a number of countries to reach the limits of what is humanly tolerable. Fires set forests ablaze. Elsewhere, heavy […]

Federal cabinet passes climate protection law: criticism from environmental groups

The federal government wants to completely renew its climate protection rules. Within the traffic light coalition, one party in particular is satisfied with the plans. The most important things at a glance The reform of the climate protection law, which has been heavily criticized by environmentalists, has passed the federal cabinet. The ministers accepted the […]

“We are not on course”

Germany must “pull through” politically if Minister of Economics Habeck has his way. The climate goals can no longer be achieved otherwise. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck sees a lot of catching up to do in Germany when it comes to climate protection. “We’re not on course,” said the Green politician on Wednesday at the […]