Colorectal Cancer Stage 4 4 ​​Second Stage Returns Her Small Intestine Swells Like Large Intestines, Ammonia Coma- Flash News- Free Health Network

Zhang Shenji pointed out that Ms. Lin was suffering from stage 4 colorectal cancer, optimistic and active treatment, breaking through the 5-year survival period. (Photo by reporter Cai Shuyuan) [Adroddiad Cai Shuyuan/Adroddiad Taichung]Ms Lin, aged 54, went to the doctor for abdominal pain and bloody stools more than 5 years ago. She was found to […]

‘High protein vs low protein’… How much protein is right for me?

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which serve as sources of energy for our body, are known as the three main nutrients. Among them, protein is a source of energy and at the same time a basic element that composes our body. However, the fact that protein plays an important role in many parts of the body […]