Backlash to the Mayor; The Ombudsman did not accept the request to dismiss the case – Letter of Arguments | Arya Rajendran

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The local body’s ombudsman rejected the corporation’s request to dismiss the case in the argument letter. If the High Court dismissed the case, the Ombudsman refused the Corporation Secretary’s request to dismiss the case before the Ombudsman. The petition was filed by Youth Congress district president Sudhirshah Pal. The Ombudsman observed that the […]

Letter Debate: Crime Branch Takes Case; Against whom – Crime Branch registers case in Arya Rajendran letter row | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Crime Branch FIR not charged in controversy in Mayor’s letter. Naming the accused as ‘unknown’, the crime branch also mentioned that someone had tampered with the mayor’s official letter pad. Although there is a strong allegation that some people in the CPM are behind the letter that was circulated, the crime branch is […]

At the end of the threat, the first rank said; ‘I will not go to Kerala Varma’ – Threatening call from cpm pro teachers | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Thrissur ∙ ‘They call constantly and threateningly. I was mentally exhausted. Even the family is afraid.’ This is a WhatsApp message sent by a professor who is ranked first in the rank list of visiting professor of political science of Kerala Varma College to another professor. The content of the messages is that 2 teachers […]

If it’s just the police, it will be a case; Legal advice that crime branch is enough – Arya Rajendran letter case | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ Following legal advice, it has been decided that there is no need for a police investigation into the corporation’s dispute letter and a crime branch investigation is sufficient. There are reports that Mayor Arya Rajendran, who is adamant that he did not prepare the letter, also stopped the party from making a direct […]

Police throw lathi from car; And party comrades to suppress | CPM | Youth Congress

Kannur ∙ Govt. CPM activists beat up KSU district general secretary Farhan Munderi while he was in the custody of the city police commissioner. Farhan Munderi waved a black flag and chanted slogans in front of the Defense Security Core Records Office before the CM’s convoy set off for Taliparamba, 100 meters from the guest […]

KV Thomas turned right and left KV Thomas

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said at the party congress seminar that KV Thomas is a leader who values ​​what he says; CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that this is the day when KV Thomas will decide how long he will stay in the Congress. KV Thomas called the two dear comrades and established […]

KV Thomas Congress hurts martyr families: K. Sudhakaran | KV Thomas | K. Sudhakaran

Thiruvananthapuram: KPCC president K Sudhakaran has written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi criticizing KV Thomas. ” Kannur is the land where 80 Congressmen were killed by the CPM. The KPCC had informed the leaders that it had decided not to attend the party congress held there. Even when the invited leaders approached the […]