Celiac Disease: The Unexpected Link to Psychotic Symptoms

Unanticipated Psychotic Symptoms in a Celiac Disease Patient A woman in Massachusetts, USA, recently made headlines for exhibiting psychotic symptoms as a result of her undiagnosed celiac disease. The 37-year-old, while pursuing her doctorate degree, experienced delusions and hallucinations, leading her to attempt to harm her own parents. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that […]

Optimizing Carbohydrate + Protein Ratio for a Healthy Diet

The Importance of Carbohydrates and Protein in a Healthy Diet When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, the ratio of carbohydrates to protein plays a crucial role in achieving optimal results. According to the Korean Nutrient Intake Standards (2020), the recommended ratio for a healthy diet is 30-50% carbohydrates and 20-30% protein. This balance […]

Optimize Your Diet for a Good Night’s Sleep with These Tips

The Link Between Bananas and a Good Night’s Sleep When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, the food we eat can play a crucial role. Bananas, in particular, have been touted as a sleep-inducing wonder food. According to Sleep Charity, a British sleep charity, consuming certain foods like bananas before bed can significantly […]

Iron Injections Reduce Need for Blood Transfusion by 33% in Colorectal Cancer Surgery: Study

Iron Injections Before Surgery Reduce Need for Blood Transfusion by 33% A recent study has revealed that preoperative iron injections before colorectal cancer surgery can significantly reduce the need for blood transfusions during and after the procedure. The study, conducted by a research team at University College London (UCL), analyzed five clinical trials targeting intestinal […]

Unlocking the Health Benefits of Anthocyanin-Rich Black Rice

The Nutritional Benefits of Black Rice: A Superfood Rediscovered Black rice, known for its rich anthocyanin content, the same key ingredient found in blueberries and grapes, is gaining recognition for its numerous health benefits. Native to the southern regions of Korea, this unique rice variety turns purple when cooked and boasts a distinctive chewy texture. […]

The Positive Effects of Reducing Added Sugar in Your Diet

The Impact of Reducing Added Sugar on Health As the consumption of sugar and foods high in added sugar continues to rise, the health risks associated with this dietary trend are becoming increasingly apparent. The excessive intake of added sugars has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver disease, and a range of other […]

The Health Benefits of Chinese Cabbage: From Bowel Health to Cancer Prevention

The Health Benefits of Cabbage: A Nutritional Powerhouse As traditional diets continue to decline in favor of Western-style breakfast options, the importance of incorporating nutrient-dense foods such as cabbage into our daily meals cannot be overstated. With its low calorie content and high dietary fiber, cabbage plays a crucial role in promoting digestive health and […]

The Long-lasting Traces of Nicotine: Detecting Addictive Substance in Hair for Years

Hair Testing Reveals Traces of Nicotine for Years, Study Shows Published on November 7, 2023 | Views: 3,056 When it comes to nicotine addiction, new research suggests its presence can be detected in hair follicles for an extended period of time. The addictive properties of nicotine, primarily found in cigarettes, are well-known. Once inhaled, nicotine […]