Is freedom of expression in danger in Germany?

Good morning, dear reader, “Everyone has the right to freely express their opinions in words, writing and images,” says Article 5 of the Basic Law. Great sentence, important sentence. But is it true? How can it then be explained that only half of all those surveyed in a representative Allensbach survey stated that one could […]

Telephone sick leave should be possible permanently

During the corona pandemic, patients were able to get a sick note from their doctor by telephone. Now the regulation is to be introduced permanently – certain conditions should apply. In the future, patients should generally be able to receive a sick note from their doctor’s office by telephone if they have minor illnesses. The […]

The global political climate is weighing on the climate conference in Dubai

The climate conference in Dubai is not exactly under a good star. The world’s attention is on the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and the war in Ukraine. Can this work well? Another climate conference and an important one at that: In Dubai on the Persian Gulf, more than 190 countries would have to decide on […]

The Germans have never been so dissatisfied with the traffic light government

A large majority of Germans do not believe that politics can currently solve the problems well. Supporters of a party are even 100 percent dissatisfied. Eight out of ten Germans are dissatisfied with the federal government’s policies. This is shown by an exclusive, representative survey by the opinion research institute Civey for t-online. When asked […]

China in crisis: The giant is reeling enormously

China’s economy is in crisis. President Xi Jinping actually wanted to overtake the USA as a world power, but suddenly there is talk of decline. The reasons for this range from the corona pandemic to Vladimir Putin. There is already a red alert in China. A mysterious lung disease is spreading again in the People’s […]

According to the budget verdict: Scholz wants to reassure the population

Chancellor Olaf Scholz promises quick decisions about the financial approach. Help such as curbing high energy prices is still possible. However, his finance minister announces negative news. After the Karlsruhe budget verdict, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) assured citizens that they would make quick decisions about further financial action. At the same time, in a video […]

Federal Constitutional Court overturns supplementary budget – 60 billion loss

The Federal Constitutional Court overturns a controversial budget trick by the traffic light government. The coalition is now facing the next crisis. The Federal Constitutional Court has declared the reallocation of Corona loans for climate projects to be unconstitutional. Members of the Union faction had expressed doubts about the legality of the rezoning and therefore […]

Money for climate instead of Corona? Amendment was unconstitutional

The Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that the federal government may not use funds intended to combat the Corona crisis for climate protection. The change to the supplementary budget for 2021 is unconstitutional, Germany’s highest court announced on Wednesday in Karlsruhe. It’s about the effectiveness of the debt brake, said the presiding judge of the […]

Constitutional Court decides on traffic light budget trick

In the next few days, the Bundestag will finalize the budget for 2024 – but before that, a budget policy decision from the Corona era threatens to overtake the traffic light government. The Federal Constitutional Court is deciding today on the second supplementary budget of 2021. At stake are large sums of billions that the […]