The Final Showdown: Falcons vs. The Dudley Boyz

Results of the Final Match: Team Falcons vs. The Dudley Boyz Thursday, December 7, 2023, 3:46 Indochina time. First Game The Falcons drafted a unique lineup, with ATF and Malr1ne choosing their favorite heroes regardless of the meta. This forced the Dudley Boyz to use up ban slots to counter them. The advantage was clearly […]

Team Falcons Prevails in Face-Off Against Team Tickles

Team Falcons Ready to Face Off Against Team Tickles Following their intense match against, Team Falcons must now gear up to take on Team Tickles in a game that promises to be a nail-biter. Despite the grueling three-game clash with, Team Falcons are showing no signs of fatigue, with their gameplay skills only […] vs Team Hebogiaid Clash and Pinnacle: 25th Anniversary Show Recap

Results of Clash Between and Team Hebogiaid at Pinnacle: 25th Anniversary Show Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 0:20 AM, 22 seconds, Indochina Time First game: faced disappointment as they struggled with a poorly drafted lineup lacking sufficient puck handlers. Despite their reliance on Dragon Knight, Malrine, the Falcons’ mid laner, ensured a high-impact performance. […]

Team Falcons Faces Setback in Lower Bracket at Pinnacle 25th Anniversary Show

Team Falcons Must Play in Lower Bracket After Loss Pinnacle: 25th Anniversary Show Yesterday, Team Falcons faced a setback in their match against the Dudley Boys, resulting in a 2-1 loss. This led them to the lower bracket, where they encountered the pub star team, Yellow Submarine, who have a history of competing in the […]

Milestone Achievement: Millie’s Study Makes a Strong Debut on KOSDAQ Market

Ceremony Held to Celebrate Millie’s Study Listing on KOSDAQ Market Millie Library’s Monthly E-Book Subscription Service Surges on First Day of KOSDAQ Listing Millie Library, the pioneer of Korea’s monthly e-book subscription service, experienced a remarkable surge of 80% from its initial public offering price on the day of its listing on the KOSDAQ market. […]

Millie’s Study Makes a Splash as IPO Market Shows Signs of Revival

Newcomer ‘Millie’s Study’ Stock Surges on First Day of KOSDAQ Listing Revival Predicted for IPO Market as Millie Study Sets the Pace Kim Jin-seok, Money Today Reporter | September 27, 2023, 16:06 The stock of Millie’s Study, a newcomer in the market, soared by 80.87% on its first day of listing on the KOSDAQ. This […]

EcoPro Materials’ Subsidiary, EcoPro Materials, Passes Preliminary Screening for New Listing on KOSPI

EcoPro’s Subsidiary, EcoPro Materials, Clears Preliminary Screening for New Listing In a significant development, EcoPro’s subsidiary, EcoPro Materials, has successfully passed the preliminary screening for its new listing, as confirmed by the Securities Market Division of the Korea Exchange. The comprehensive review of EcoPro Materials stock concluded that it meets all the necessary listing requirements, […]

Individual Investors Take Action to Reform Delisted Companies Amid Interference and Threats

Investors Pursue Corporate Reform Amidst Delisting Threats If a company is delisted due to illegal actions by its management, the damage to investors can be severe. In response, a group of individual investors has recently taken matters into their own hands, raising funds and actively working towards reform within these companies. However, some firms are […]

Doosan Robotics Sets Public Offering Price at Upper Limit for KOSPI Listing

Doosan Robotics Sets Public Offering Price at Upper Limit, Prepares for KOSPI Market Listing Doosan Robotics has announced that it has confirmed its public offering price at the upper limit of 26,000 won, signaling its readiness to enter the KOSPI market as planned on the 5th of next month. The decision on the offering price […]