We and Kasheri; Rameez Raja threatens to ‘shrink’ IPL Ramiz Raja on PSL

Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramis Raja has announced that he will modernize the Pakistan Super League (PSL) with some core changes from the current style. As the richest league in the world, Ramis Raja’s division is inspired by the changes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The first consideration in the list of […]

That selfie was ‘bad’; Four Virat Kohli fans arrested Four Virat Kohli Fans Arrested

Bangalore: Four cricket fans have been arrested for tricking security personnel into entering the ground during the second Test between India and Sri Lanka at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. Bangalore police have arrested four people for entering the ground and taking selfies with former Indian captain Virat Kohli. An FIR has been registered against […]

Sreesanth is a talented bowler: Tendulkar finally ‘breaks silence’! | Sachin, Sreesanth

Mumbai: Superstar Sachin Tendulkar has congratulated Sreesanth on his retirement from active cricket. Tendulkar reacted to Sreesanth’s retirement announcement in a short post on Instagram on Saturday night. Tendulkar wrote on Instagram that he saw Sreesanth as the most talented bowler of all time. Tendulkar has also shared a picture with Sreesanth. ‘I have always […]

Wicket without any ‘skill’; Broad against ‘Mankading’ | Stuart Broad, Mankading

LONDON: English cricketer Stuart Broad has criticized Mankading, who has been described as a “disgraceful expulsion” from the gentlemen’s game, after the Marliban Cricket Club (MCC), a law-making and reform body in white cricket, came to the fore. Broad pointed out that ‘mancoding’ is an expulsion that requires no expertise. Broad argues that if all […]

Criticism can stop, and ridicule; ‘Mankading’ is not a bad wicket since October! | saliva | run out | mcc rules | mcc | marylebobne cricket club | mankad | laws of cricket | cricket rules | cricket laws | cricket | malayalam cricket news | manorama news | Malayalam Cricket News | Manorama News | Cricket Live | MCC | Mankading | Cricket News | Malayalam Cricket News | Sports Magazine

London വി Criticisms, jokes and arguments against wicket-taking in the style of ‘mangkading’ can be stopped. ‘Mankading’ is now official, with bowlers expelling non-strikers who leave the crease before bowling is completed. The decision was taken by the Marliban Cricket Club (MCC), which is also a cricket reform committee. The MCC, the owners of London’s […]