Soldiers rescue Russian occupiers – then shelling follows

read video transcript A video released by the Ukrainian army is said to show Ukrainian soldiers rescuing Russian soldiers from drowning. The scenes are said to have taken place after the dam collapse of the Kachowka dam. A boat approaches several people in the water. Then you can see how they save themselves on the […]

Dangers for Germany – That says an expert

Who is enemy and who is friend? In the age of hybrid warfare, it is no longer so easy to distinguish between them, military expert Ralph Thiele warns in the video. Who actually attacked Nord Stream 2? And who was responsible for the explosion at the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine? Russia will probably come to […]

Dam rupture in Cherson: “Everything will die here”

A brown tide flows through the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. After the dam burst, many people are faced with the ruins of their lives. Cherson in the Ukraine: 52-year-old Iryna is standing with her neighbors on the banks of the Dnipro and is stunned by the masses of water that are pouring in over […]

Dam blown – Massive flooding is now threatening here

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region could have devastating consequences. Animations show where thousands of people are now threatened. According to both warring parties, the adjacent hydroelectric power station was destroyed in the severe explosion at the Nowa Kachowka dam in southern Ukraine. The dam itself, which is close to the […]

Could Ukraine have blown it up itself?

read video transcript “If in the end not (cut out the word) only a few people died, then people will say how brilliant of Ukraine that they designed this plan. Nobody would have expected it, right? That’s when you become heroic, intelligent, so to speak and praise things like that.” It is still speculation: who […]